Hello, I'm Allen; welcome to my madhouse.

Who is this Allen fellow, anyhow?


Web hosting, web development, and all-round "clicky clicky" work

A technology fan since childhood, I've taken the plunge over the last couple of years to embrace what was once just a hobby as a full-blown career. 

I left Purolator in March 2014 to take on a role with Smartfirm as an eLearning and web developer. In December of that year I also purchased a stake in Websavers - a Halifax-based Web Services company. As of January 1st 2016, Websavers is my full-time enterprise. 


I have parents, they are awesome.

My parents are awesome. They also probably wouldn't want me putting stuff about them all over the internet, so I'll leave it at them being awesome.


I've got a family

My favourite human lady and I moved in together in January of 2016. With her came two children and a cat, and I brought in a dog and cat of my own. 

Wouldn't change them for the world.